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Artists and Participants


Idea, audio-visual concept and production

Gisela Weimann, Germany

Since the 1980s, the artist Gisela Weimann has been realising multimedia projects and sound installations in cooperation with other artists. She often uses mirrors both as working material and as a medium. Her mirror installations create a spatial and visual framework that allows for the participation of the performers as well as the viewers.


Georg Katzer, Germany

Patrick Kosk, Finland

Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Russia

Melvyn Poore, England

Friedrich Schenker, Germany


Anna Clementi, Italia, Voice

Melvyn Poore und Robin Hayward, England, Tuba

Natalia Pschenitschnikova, Russia, Voice

Maacha Deubner, Germany,

Philippe Micol, Switzerland, Bass clarinet

Jaap Blonk, Netherlands, Vocal art

Aleksi Haapaniemi, Finland, Percussion

Patrick Kosk, Performance/

Bus drivers

Ronald Heinke, Aaron Deutschländer, Thomas Eichhorn, Torsten Lang



Gisela Weimann (design)

Gintare Liesmann, Lithuania

Arndt von Diepenbroick, Germany

Electro-technical realisation

  Manfred Fox, Germany


  Eckhard Roth, Germany

Glass-technical realisation

  Carola Tillein, Germany